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Galerie Maurits van de Laar
7 - 26 oktober 2012
Three generations of painters: Rens Krikhaar (1982), Philip Akkerman (1957) Erik Pape (1942).
The paintings are exhibited at the 'extra location' Quartair and
the drawings and works on paper in the galerieMaurits van de Laar (Herderstraat 6)

Rens Krikhaar, The battle of Formosa

August 24 to September 29

Bullet-proof skin, parasitic textiles, real spiders and a work of art that enters zones of illegality. Quartair opens the season with an exhibition that puts the visitor to the test: "Uncommitted Crime, how art and biotech affect us".

Uncommitted Crime shows works that have never been on display in The Hague before: contemporary art that owes its existence, directly or indirectly, to recent technological and scientific developments. The artists in the exhibition are working with scientists, put our gut feelings to the test and reflect critically on what (bio-) technological developments mean for our bodies and lives.

Participating artists: Stijn Belle (NL), Jalila Essaidi (NL), Sara Martin Mazorra (NL), Art Orienté Objet (Fra), Dorith Sjardijn (NL), Art van Triest (NL), Soyo Lee (ROK), René Jansen (EN), Adam Zaretsky (USA).
With thanks to: Stroom Den Haag, Fonds 1818, Gemeente Den Haag

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Past "le cadavre exquis" 19 May t/m 3 June 2012
Kees Komen > Piet Dieleman > Jos van Meerendonk
Ellen Rodenberg > Tanja Smit > musicians: Orlando Aguilas, Jelte van Andel, Ángel Faraldo, Cora Schmeiser en Tanja Smit
Maarten Schepers > Barney de Krijger > Ludo Mich (be)
With thanks to STROOM Den Haag's/mekh.htm

5 april till 6 may

'A surprising look at the sea by an international group of artists'.
Klara Hobza (Berlin), Dorota Lukianska (Gothenburg), Stefan Meier (Zurich), Cora Piantoni (Munich/Zurich), Stefan Wischnewski (Munich)
This exhibition is made possible with financial support from Stroom Den Haag

Review Den Haag Centraal 19 april 2012 (in Dutch)

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Peter Manders BEING THERE / ARTFLOWERS Acrylic Paintings
12 t/m 26 february

performance opening

INSTRUMENTICAL.....F.L.U.T.......PROJECT 21 january
F.L.U.T. = Harry Heirmans en Rufus Michielsen
With participants from Anvers and Brussels, Belgium and La Haye.
Awawa, Marlies Adriaanse, Rachel Bacon, Rob Bothof, Gregory Brems, Hou Chien Cheng, Christine Clinckx,
Alexandra Crouwers, Harold de Bree, Barney De Krijger, Dialogist- Kantor, Lode Geens, Chris Gillis, Kati Heck,
Nick Hullegie, Joseph Jessen, Jelle Kindt, Shanglie Zhou, Djuna Michielsen, Susanna Ouwerkerk, Mischa Poppe,
Cesar Raes, Jessy Rahman, Leo Reijnders, Ronan Riou, Tina Schott, Pierre Sondeijker, Kim Thissen, Maarten Tibos,
Philippe Van Damme, Bart Van Dijck, Peter van Loon, Bram Van Meervelde, Sharon Vanovermeiren,
Pietertje van Splunter, Sofie Vrancken, Hans Wuyts and many others.
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James Ferris, James Howard, Serena Korda, Nicole Mollett, Kiki Taira, Duncan Ward.

25 november till 17 december
'After midnight we don't remember anything' presents six Lodon based artists working variously with themes of superstition, shady dealings, hidden places, moonlit vigils, peeks behind curtains, ecstatic rites and all-night revelries. 'After Midnight....' is l magical space, secret, after dark, like a child's midnight feast.

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TWENTY: 20 years Gallery Maurits van de Laar, 22 October - 20 November
With TWENTY Gallery Maurits van De Laar celebrates it's 20st year of existance, it contains two exhibitions.
The exhibition TWENTY THUIS/HOME in the gallery at de Herderstraat 4. And the second exhibition: TWENTY UIT/AWAY in Quartair,
with: Diederik Gerlach, Robine Clignett, Urs Pfannenmuller, Seekee Chung, Elmar Trenkwalder, Dieter Mammel,
Robbie Cornelissen, Karin van Dam, Christie van de Haak, Ingrid van der Hoeven, Ronald Versloot, Rens Krikhaar,
Jos de L'Orme, Erik Pape, Ed Pien en Zeger Reyers.

IVANA FRANKE 'Travel along'
24 September - 16 October
Quartair presents Ivana Franke's first solo show in the Netherlands. She was born in Zagreb, Croatia (1973) and has recently moved to Berlin.
Her work consists of site specific light installations. Franke often uses transparent materials and light to create a sense of temporariness. Her installations investigate the relationship between materiality in appearance and our feeling of spatial dimensions.
She has exhibited at P.S.1 Center for Contemporary Art in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, The Biennale of Venice and Manifesta 7 Italy. This exhibition is made possible with financial support from Stroom Den Haag.
photo: Wave, 2009, Wooden construction, monofilament (fishing line), LED lamp / 760 x 270 x 3 cm Installation view: Niklas Belenius Gallery, Stockholm

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ATTACHMENT DRAWING: dynamic release circuit breaker activated by gravity
New work by Ali Bramwell, resident artist at Quartair Contemporary Arts Initiative, The Hague..
Using common, industrial and found materials Bramwell creates installations as temporary systems inserted situationally. This latest work is a continuation of an ongoing interest in tension and risk management. The work is a site specific response to the Quartair space and community. Ali Bramwell is a practising artist born in Auckland New Zealand (1969), recently based in Slovenia. She has been working in the fields of sculpture, installation and performance since 2000 producing regular exhibitions and public projects internationally. She also produces as an independent curator and writer.
Artists website : Recent work:

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Twelve artists fascinated and inspired by the country of Japan.
shows works of Seekee Chung, Karin van Dam, Sybille Eimermacher, Robin de Goede, Daan van Golden, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Huub van der Loo,
Nico Kos, Rens Krikhaar, Stefanie Scholte, Martine Stig, Wassink Lundgren.
This exhibition is made possible with financial support from Stroom Den Haag
more information and documentation

Friday June 24th 12:00 at Quartair ARTBOMB
more info: Erik-Jan Ligtvoet

'The Researchers present: FOREVER'
a group show featuring new works by Aimée Zito Lema, Zoe Reddy, Laure van den Hout, Kristina Benjocki and Kaja Wie van der Pas, artists graduating from the Master Artistic Research in the Hague. Alongside the main exhibition, an additional presentation of research material will form the departure point for a related programme of events, performances and discussions. See for full details.
Participating Artists: Aimée Zito Lema, Zoe Reddy, Laure van den Hout, Kristina Benjocki, Kaja Wie van der Pas
Opening: 19 May 2011 Performances: Zoe Kate Reddy and Kristina Benjocki ( peformed by Leo Svirsky)

the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April 2011 the artists-run-space Quartair is re-opened after the renovation of the gallery and the studios.
With works from 7 invited artists;
Jasper van den Brink, Paul Devens, Danitsja van Dijk, Gilbert van Drunen, Heidi Linck, Urs Pfannenmuller, Iris Wassenburg
This exhibition is made possible with financial support from Gemeente Den Haag and Stroom Den Haag.
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