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Modern Body Festival

Workshops Quartair: 29-30 Nov & 1 Dec 2016



Exchanging Intimacies

Opening: Saturday 8 October 2016 at 18:00

From 9 t/m 15 October 2016
Opening: Saturday 8 October 2016 at 18:00

Special program:
13 October at 17:00 - Lecture by Czech curator and artist Radek Váña on the art scene development in Prague in past years.

'Exchanging Intimacies' is a collaborative project that deals with communication among ten young artists from two different cultures. The result is two shows where five Dutch and five Czech artists meet in cultural exchange and create new means of communication within their generation. Artists with a variable use of media and focus of interest have an organic approach and freedom to creation of an exhibition. The show itself is about sharing and meeting in person with artists, public and foreign culture.

The project is a result of the urge for more human communication as nowadays most of social connections happen online. Online networks are very efficient in transferring information, but miss an important aspect of humanity. During one month the artists make two full shows in two different art platforms and countries to share with you what comes out of this exchange.

The shows take place first in The Hague, at Quartair, then Prague (CZ) at 1435mm / Nákladové Nádraží Žižkov (21.10-30.10.2016). The project aims to create solid ground based on real experiences for future cooperation between the art scene in The Hague and Prague. To bring the art scene closer, one must know something about their history. Therefore the show is accompanied by two lectures focusing on the development of art scenes in both of the cities.

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Foto: Café Mutnaby, Baghdad, by: Saad Jasim Al Zubaydi


Iraqi Cultural Festival | Baghdad-Out 2016

Friday September 30 (Hoogtij)
Saturday 1 and Sunday October 2

A three-day festival, with Iraqi art exhibition and a mini-symposium. The program includes performances, music and visual arts, movies, readings and lectures, and panel discussions. Organized by the artists group ‘Iraqi Artists in the Diaspora' (AICD) and Atelier Veldwerk (Baghdad-Out edition 2016).

Friday, September 30 (Hoogtij) 18.00 with a performance by Suzan Khalid, Iraqi flutist from London
20.00 performance by Salman Rahim.

Finissage: Sunday, October 2 at 16.30

With works from:
Turki Abd Al Amir (NL) / Hedar Abbas Abadi (AU) / Wail Albadry (BE) / Najah Albostan (NL) / Ala Aldabbagh (FI) / Kauther Alrawi (FI) / Oday Alubaydi (NL) / Alwan Al Alwan (AM) / Raad Alzobeidi(NL) / Imad Alzohiri (NL) / Samir Amir (NL) / Jean-Paul Begot (FR) / Salam Djaaz (NL) / Ehsan Al Emam (UK) /.Istinad Haddad (AU) / Riyadh Abdul Hussain(AU) / Salah Hassan (NL) / Saad Jasim (NL) / Suzan Khalid (UK) / Imad Mansour (FR) / Khazal Al Majidi (NL) / Bassim Mehdi (UK) / Parwin Mirza (NL) / Waleed R. Qaisi (QA) / Hussam Al Otaibi (SW) / Salman Rahim (IR) / Ahmed Sayon (NW) / Sudad Shalan (NL) / Udo Ulrich (DE) / Hanan Ajeel Zahroon (NL) / Sahil Alturk (NL) / Fadhel A Meseer (BE) / Nather Ibrahim Hassan (IRQ) / Mustafa Dzaey (IRQ) / Anaam Yehya (DE) / Mohammed Alzubaydi (IRQ) / Ramlah Jasim (NL) / Latif Aldabuo / Riyadh Arif Hakeem (IRQ) / Ameed Abbas Ameen (AM) / Assim Ferman (Jemen) / Ibtisam Naji (IRQ) / Rawdhah Shafeeq Mahdi (AM) / Talal Mahmood (IRQ) / Qasim Mohsin Hassan (IRQ) / Falah Ibrahim Flayyih (IRQ) / Kareema Hashim Mohammed (IRQ) / Lameeah Jasim Mohammed (IRQ) / Nadia Flaih Hassan (IRQ) / Saad Al Rubaye (IRQ) / Siham Mohammed Dhahir (IRQ) / Fathel Neema (NL)

supported by The Gemeente Den Haag



Innocent Drawing artists for amnesty
Op 20 september start Innocent Drawing, een tweemaandelijkse informele tekensessie van (Haagse) kunstenaars ter ondersteuning van gewetensgevangenen en mensenrechtenactivisten. Aan de hand van cases van Amnesty International tekenen we ‘onschuldige’ groetenkaarten voor hen die onterecht gevangen zitten. De resultaten worden direct naar slachtoffers van mensenrechtenschendingen gestuurd en online gedeeld ten behoeve van urgente acties van Amnesty International.

Je bent welkom van 20:00 tot 22 uur (inloop 19.30u).
Kom langs en teken mee! Materiaal en drankjes staan klaar.

Vrij toegankelijk voor kunstenaars en belangstellenden.

Meld je aan via
Dan blijf je ook meteen op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws.

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Arab Camera Festival Weekend at Quartair

Friday, 16 September 2016

20:15 Doors open
20:45 Introduction of Arab Camera Festival by Rosh Abdelfatah
21:00-22:35 Film screening: The Blind's Band

Saturday 12:00 Group work*
(The results will be shown during the Arab Camera Festival in Rotterdam)
Sunday 19:00 End of the process

The Blind's Band
In the early years of the reign of Hassan II, Houcine, fan of his new king, is the leader of a popular band. He lives with his wife Halima in her family home, a place of lively cohabitation, a gallery of colorful characters that cross the rhythm of life of the orchestra and its traditional dancers, the Chikhates. In this particular band, male musicians are forced to pretend to be blind in order to play in Moroccan conservative family homes at parties reserved for women. Houcine is also Mimou’s happy father. Dreams and reality confuse, Mimou cannot concentrate at school and not to disappoint his father, he decides to cheat by falsifying his school exam marks.

Director: Mohamed Mouftakir, Morocco, 2014, Duration: 95 minutes
[English subtitles]




New Dream


New Dream New Future is part of the 2016 exchange project between Quartair and Schema Art Museum, in Cheongju, Korea. The project involves sixteen artists traveling across the world: eight departing from Korea to the Netherlands, in June, and eight artists, from the Netherlands going to Korea in July.

Korean art sector has grown exponentially to exhibit many artists at biennials and other contemporary international exhibitions. Cheongju’s artists have recently gained recognition in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, Seoul, supported by Schema Art Museum special exhibitions. Many of them have also been seen in Europe through the ‘Nine Dragon Heads’ projects. In fact, Schema Art Museum is making much effort to expand global performance, so ‘New Dream, New Future’ is an international program dedicated to promote Cheongju artists abroad. Schema Art Museum is curated by Kim Jai Kwan, artist, scholar, the director and founder of the Museum. During the nissage at Quartair (Friday, June 24th, Hoogtij) there will be a performance by Ji Youn Kang, Korean sound artist based in The Hague since 2006.

With: Choi Ik-gyu, Heo Eun-young, Kim Jae-nam, Kim Ki-seong, Kim Seung-hwoe, Lee Gyu-sik, Moon Sang-wook, Shim Young-churl and Kim Jai-kwa

Opening: Friday, 3 June at 19.00 with welcome by the Ambassador Mr. Choe, Jong-hyun

Finissage: Friday, 24 June (Hoogtij) met performance door Ji Youn Kang

Exhibition open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 13.00 to 17.00

After completing the exhibition in The Hague, the project will be continued in Cheongju, at the Schema Art Museum, from July 3rd to July 31st. The show will be the main event of the 3rd Cheongju International Contemporary Art Exhibition. The artists from the Netherlands who will exhibit in Korea include: Harold de Bree, Wieteke Heldens, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Astrid Nobel, Jessy Rahman, Ludmila Rodrigues, Mike Rijnierse and Thom Vink.

Ji Kang
Solo Live Electronics

Kang creates live sets based on the idea of combining three different elements: Acoustic, Digital, and Analog sound sources using instruments, objects, DIY analog synths and computer processing. This performance will include a traditional Korean gong as the main character of the set, and at the same time aided by audio feedback process. Its noisy element plays a strong role in embracing the other elements and creating musical flow.

Ji Youn Kang (Seoul, Korea) is a composer and sound artist based in The Hague, since 2006 and achieved her Master degree both in Sonology at The Royal Conservatorium, and in Composition at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Her objectives and interests revolve around the creation of a musical language that (re)presents the Korean tradition and cultural elements using materials from Korean music as well as newly created sounds. Most of her music pieces have been composed based on the rites of Korean Shamanism, and many of them were written for the WFS system (192 loudspeakers), exploring the relationship between musical and physical spaces. At the same time she has been composing Live Electronic pieces for both traditional and non-traditional instruments, ranging from a solo instrument to a large orchestra, exploring mostly the primitive, empowering rhythmical elements and the noisy sound sources that the Korean ritual music involves. Visit:




No Patent Pending #24
Sunday, 29 Mei 2016

With Doron Sadja, Yoneda Lemma, Yolanda Uriz and Jeroen Uyttendaele

Program:Jeroen Uyttendaele: Vonkveld, performative installation with electrical short circuits
Yolanda Uriz: Transitory Presences, AV performance with cymatic smoke patterns
Doron Sadja: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together, spatial composition deconstructing white light and white noise
Yoneda Lemma: digital sound compositions

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No Patent Pending #22

Sunday, 10 April 2016
With: BMB con., Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Dewi de Vree, Aurélie Lierman, Marianna Soroka and Jo Caimo

No Patent Pending is a nomadic performance series presenting radical interdisciplinary practices that engage with sound, image, space and the body. Imagining new tools to articulate everyday phenomena, extending the body, remapping sense perceptions, hacking and reinventing existing media and codes, creating time and space for events which find their preferred storage medium in the memory of participants.

BMB con. known for their sometimes dangerously electrical performances will pull the plug and make a completely acoustic and candle-powered performance. Patrizia Ruthensteiner will perform her project Magnetoceptia, a collaboration with Dewi de Vree in which cargo cult like antenna costumes are used to explore the invisible electromagnetic fields surrounding the wearer’s body. Aurélie Lierman will premiere a first étude for analogue electronics and talking drums: exploring the idea of the voice from a metaphorical point of view, together with percussionist Marianna Soroka. Jo Caimo will present the outcome of his residency with iii: will it be vuvuzelas made with colored straws  or perhaps an organ that is played by the breath of the audience?
Presented by iii in cooperation with Quartair

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Drawing Quartair by Mika (2006), 9 years old.

Drawing Front (and back)

Tentoonstelling waarin de ontwikkeling van de tekenhand centraal staat

With works by: Femke Bakker, Justin Bennett, Channa Boon, Ronald Cornelissen, Paul van der Eerden, Melissa Cruz Garcia, Sara Pape Garcia, Anne Forest, Johan Gustavsson Wieteke Heldens, Michael Karr, Rens Krikhaar, Jorn van Leeuwen, Erik- Jan Lies Foot, Marjolijn van der Meij, Astrid Nobel, Johan van Oord, Lieke Peeters, Nina Roos, Stefanie Scholte, Cybil Scott, Neil Smit, Babette Wagenvoort, Wieske Wester enThom Vink.

Drawing Front is a nationwide offensive to contemporary drawing organized by Drawing Centre Diepenheim. For Drawing Front they collaborate with artists initiatives from all over The Netherlands. Each initiative made its own interpretation of a drawing exhibition which creates a huge variety of presentations. Drawing Front takes place in the period from February until June at twenty artists initiatives and Drawing Centre Diepenheim (more information on

As one of the participating artists initiatives, Quartair organizes the exhibition Drawing front (and back) for which 25 artists of different ages have dug in their past. They show drawings from the childhood, youth or academy time combined with a recent work. The artists have made a composition of two to four drawings in which the jumps in time to maturity and artistry are visible. They show the development of their drawing hand in a very personal way and thus also show drawings that were never intended for the public or as artwork. Drawing Front (and back) offers a multitude of drawings in different sizes and shows the importance of drawing, also outside of the art form. In this motley caravan of innocent, ambitious, searching and accurate drawings, drawing is celebrated as an activity that is part of life.

Opening: March 11 at 17:00
Open: March 12-March 27, Friday-Sunday 13:00 to 17:00
Also open with Hoogtij #44 on March 18, 19:00 to 23:00

StroomSupported by Stroom Den Haag



SPRING NOT SUMMER is a group exhibition of third year students of Fine Arts at the KABK, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

Featuring Iris van der Graaf, Ai Hashimoto, Nina Markkula, Henriette von Münchhausen, Pris Roos, Gitte Svendsen, Freerk Wilbers and Boukje Ypma.


OPENING on Thursday 18 February 2016 at 16:00.

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No Patent Pending #18
Sunday, January 10th 2016

With: Jamie Allen, Will Schrimshaw, Toktek en Ingrid Lee

No Patent Pending is a nomadic performance series presenting radical interdisciplinary practices that engage with sound, image, space and the body. Imagining new tools to articulate everyday phenomena, extending the body, remapping sense perceptions, hacking and reinventing existing media and codes, creating time and space for events which find their preferred storage medium in the memory of participants.
Presented by iii in cooperation with Quartair

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